Review : Vollsion MK-S

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Vollsion contacted me to ask me a review about the MK-S.
The MK-S is a very compact 10180 light in the same category than the Mecarmy IllumineX-1, Cooyoo quantum, or even Veleno D2.

The light is made in Stainless Steel, in 3 parts : tailcap, body and head.

The MK-S is supplied with a ball chain, and a split ring :

The head is equipped with a TIR optic, an XP-G2 in a cold white tint and the driver board.

You can see that the driver has a clicky switch. This is used to activate the high mode.

The onboard charging is possible via this second circuit board with a micro USB port :

However, there is a small problem with this part.
The o-ring that ensures the sealing of the light is held by a groove which is not deep enough.
When you want to charge the light, you remove the head. When the charging is finished, you have to screw the head back and the o-ring sometimes slips out of the groove :

But, the rest of the machining is very good, with square threads in both tailcap and body :

There are two modes : low (10lm) and high (130lm).
The UI is simple : screw the head to activate the low mode, screw it tighter for the high mode.

Pros :
- Compact
- USB onboard charging
- Simple UI

Cons :
- Sometimes flickers
- o-ring groove not deep enough