Compact and durable——Vollsion TL23 titanium tritium glow bar

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My flashlighs:

一、The appearance

About6:00 PM it become to be luminous

Compare with the big flashlights, theTL23 looks much small and exquisite

二、Aboutthe material

VOLLSION TL23 is made with TC4 titanium alloy, anti-corrosion,very good for long-time-carried.

Olight S15 Limited Edition titaniumalloy flashlight, one is polishing and the other is sandblasted,

and this VOLLSION TL23 is sandblasted , too.

The difference betweenthe Polishing and Sand blasted

the appearance of Sandblastedis much near the flashlight

Titanium alloy is very hard to be milled, but the VOLLSIONTL23 is perfectly machined!

Tritium glow bar is one source of nuclear radiation which islegal to have. It is used for Marking different objects to be visible in thedark, example: route marking, safety marking of hazards

 三、About thebrightness

1Casio watch, luminous pearl and tritium glow bar

Illuminate them for 30 seconds withflashlight first!

It looks that they have the samebrightness at the beginning !

But after 2 hours andhalf, the watch pointers andthe luminous pearl arealmost can not be seen

10s-exposure with a DSLR camera

15s-exposure with a DSLR camera!

2compare with thelight of Macbook’s keyboard ,same brightness

Turn on the screen

3compare withthe moonlight model0.5 lumenof OLIGHT S10

4Vollsion TL23tritium glow bar applicationsScenarios

1Riding in theevening, I believe it is a good idea to add a tritium glow bar

I like fishing !


Vollsion TL23's one other main function is necklace ,equipped with lanyard


TL23 tritiumillumination is the use of gaseous tritiumaradioactive isotope of hydrogen ,to create visible light. Tritium emitselectrons through beta decay ,and when they interact with a phosphor material.fluorescent light is created ,a process called radiolumines cence.As tritiumillumination requires no electrical energy ,it found wide use in applicationssuch as emergency exit signs and illumination of wristwatches .

Theaverage such GTLS has a useful life of 10–20 years. Being an unstable isotope with a half-life of 15 years, tritiumloses half its brightness in that period. The more tritium that is initiallyplaced in the tube, the brighter it is to begin with, and the longer its usefullife. Tritium exit signs usually come in three brightness levels guaranteed for10-, 15-, or 20-year useful life expectancies. Vollsion TL23 can last about 25years from the specification.