【Review Articles】VOLLSION SP11-S stainless steel with tritium tube AAA flashlight review

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  I am a nascent flashlight addict,maybe not understand as much as veterans,but love for flashlight is beyond doubt,especially for AAA flashlight,i found myself powerfully drawn to it,and the unique design is a real surprise ,pleases me greatly


 二、Vollsion flashlight new acquaintance

    Brown paper box looks slightly low- key,3 sides English introduction with basic parameters and attention,the CE,Rohs logo around it.

The upper box gole design,convenient for supermarket shelves

   Open the paper box you can see the specification,waterproof O ringand key ring.And there is the first equipment net certification assessor label,pls call me 000161

     By measuring 63.8mm(Length)*13.6mm(Diameter),it is not bigger than a card,on my palm very smart and exquisite,the weight only 31.9g,it is traditional flashlight,details pls see the pictures

       Silver 304 stainless steel structure,specially looking for Baidu,.304 stainless steel is a common material,the density 7.93g/cm³,it called 18/8 stainless steel in this industry.Excellent high temperature resistance 800

       Processing performance,high toughness,widely used in manufacture,furniture decoration industry and food medical industry.Common on the market labeling method there are 06Cr19Ni10,SUS304,among them 06Cr19Ni10 generally according to Chinese standard,304 represent ASTM standard production,SUS304 Japanese standard production.304is a common stainless steel,widely used to good comprehensive performance(corrosion resistance and formability)equipment and parts.In order to keep corrosion,must contain more than 18% chromium,more than 8% nickel.304 stainless steel is according to United States ASTM standard to produce stype.

   In conclusion,SP11-S flashlight,material quality trustworthy,solid,corrosion resistance,high temperature resistance,no need worry about your EDC caused cutting scratch mark

       The flashlight body is full of the non-slip knurled pattem,,every piece there is  including 3 anti-slip grain design,guarantee slip at the same time maintain nice surface,comfortable hand feeling

     At the bottom of the flashlight there is logo and  item type,polish treatment on the surface,smooth exquisite,

Has the advantage of simple and reasonable structure,beautiful and novel appearance and excellent hand feeling

   It untilizes a CREE XP-G2 LED,small volume,low fever,high photoelectric conversion efficiency and stable Performance,it is the best chip,service life more than 50000 hours

       Optical double coated glass lenses,the orange reflective cup design,combining with the advantages of smooth cup and the surface cup,suitable for irradiation from close range

   Hole design,connection function key ring still can achieve handstand,in the case of power can acts as role of the candle

       At the bottom there is a 25 year service life tritium tube,i test teh yellow,it is convenient search for something in the evening,what is more,it can add some appeals.And like the firefly in the dark night,It looked nice and felt different as compared to others

   Unscrew the head,the thread trip is a little long,and it is rectangle,4 rounds and a half from visual inspect,to ensure the enough space to adjust 2 gears,added the waterproof O ring design,enough to provided safeguard level for the official ipx8 waterproof

Visible negative spring,conductive tube body of the cathode end face,so suitable for irradiation from close rang

1 Use a AAAbattery(Nickel metal hydride,disposable lithium electricity,disposable lithium electricity,rechargeable lithium ion batteries) ,according to the specification,clear the directionOf the battery,battery cathode contact with flashlight head spring

   Clockwise tightened and vice light head dimmer way make the operation is fast and convenient,this is one of biggest bright spot,before i used other brand items,most of  them  are tighten is on,loosen is off,as us flashlight fans,hung on the waist,exist possibility of loss risk,but SP11-S can  be completely eliminate the possible,to ensure the beloved item would not lost.

三、Function test

   According to the specification,can get the official data,on the basis of it test the flashlight,as followed:

1,The brightness and working time

   By the head to adjust the 2 gears,the maximum  lumins is 110,the minimum is 5 lumens,

   two metres spot diagram

Whenever night comes,it is our exciting moment.With setting sun,come to the fild,tale out beloved flashlight and light up it

Oringinal environment and 110LM comparison chart as the below shows

You can clearly see 20 meters within the scope of the object

110 lum ins is enough to cope with everyday life lighting,whether to work overtime at nigh,after dinner go for a walk,SP11-S can give you warm,light the road ahead for you

45 meter,20 meters effect pictures,45 meters illuminate is not good,but 20 meters can clearly see the camera

Without special care the life long or short,whe n need it,it is around us that most important

Waterproof test

   SP11-S flashlight waterproof is ipx-8 level,2 meters underwater is 30 minutes,before flashlight all the datas comply with the official,so i much trust with SP11-S.Can’t find the 2 meters underwater for flashlight test sites,so used the standby,put it to 10 CM deep pool(after all few people will trutly flashlight used for underwater lighting,in addition to the professional diving flashlight),if it can be normal on-off and swutch gear,the proformance is not bad!

Drop resistance experiance

Stainless steelflashlight,wear-resistance durable, without fail, not shoot video, also pleaseunderstand


    The stainless steel flashlightis EDC best choice,ingenious novelswitch design,tail tritium tracheal design easy to operate!

   The above is the is the SP11-S assessment,if there is any data or wrong place still hope veteran point out,i would be appreciated